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Theology of the Body is a beautiful teaching given to the Church by Blessed Pope John Paul II. The Theology of the Body refers to two things. First, it references a series of 133 short talks that Pope John Paul II gave during his Wednesday morning audiences from 1979-1984. These talks re-presented the teachings of the Church in a way that help us to see clearly God’s plan for our lives. The Theology of The Body also refers to the study and spiritual awareness of the ways that God is present in our physical and bodily existence. Our bodies are created in the image of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From this, we know that we are ultimately created for union and communion with God and that our bodies are sacred and holy.


The Theology of the Body opens our eyes to the true meaning of life, love, masculinity, femininity and our existence. Because Theology of the Body focuses on the human person and how we reflect and relate to God, it truly is the basis of our identity, our life and our formation.


The vision for Theology of the Body here at St. Mary Immaculate is to take Theology of the Body from simply being a subject to be taught to becoming the basis of our lives as individuals and our formation as a parish. Theology of the Body will be integrated into our parish at every level: our school, religious education, as well as our various ministries and programs to create an intergenerational, lifelong approach to forming disciples who live according to God’s plan!



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