Back to Normal Survey

Back to Normal Survey

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Whether we ever get “back to normal” or not, it’s clear our world is transitioning to a different phase, one in which we know what COVID-19 is, and are beginning to have some hope, due to the presence of vaccines and the emergence of treatment options.  We may have COVID around for a long time, but at least we know what we’re dealing with.

But maybe we are also beginning to realize some other things.  Like, what has the pandemic done to us, our families, our communities, our parish, our society.  Holy Mother Church never just sits back and observes these things.  No, She is our Mother, and She takes care of us, Her children.  So as a parish, we are trying to meet that effort by discerning the needs our parishioners are experiencing, and planning for ways that we can be of assistance.

Toward that end, I would really appreciate your help.  If you could think about the needs you, your family, and those you know, are experiencing and could fill out this survey, it would be very helpful.  This tool will provide us assistance as we plan our programs in the coming year(s).  I very much appreciate your act of charity in filling this out.

Yours in Christ and His Blessed Mother,

Father Pat Mulcahy