Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Mass Schedule

By popular demand, our tentative Christmas Mass schedule is here! Please keep in mind that these Masses will only be held if we have enough volunteers to staff them, which we currently do not, but we hope people will step up and help us out! If you want to help, fill out the form here: https://smip.org/volunteer-form. It’s also contingent upon no further, more restrictive COVID measures preventing us from holding the Masses.

Without further ado, here is the Mass schedule as we hope it to be come next month:

Note: Masses with a * next to them will be livestreamed on both our Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be available as a recording afterwards.


  • 3pm in the church – English – livestreamed
  • 3:15pm in the gym – English
  • 5pm in the church – English
  • 5:15pm in the gym – English
  • 7pm in the church – English
  • 7:15pm in the gym – English
  • 9pm in the church – Polish
  • 11pm in the church – English – livestreamed


  • 7:30am parking lot mass (no ticket required, stay in your car and Eucharist brought out to you) – English – livestreamed
  • 9:15am in the church – English – livestreamed
  • 9:30am in the gym – English
  • 11am in the church – Spanish – livestreamed
  • 11:15am in the gym – Spanish
  • 12:45pm in the church – English
  • 1pm in the gym – Polish

Tickets will be available starting on Dec. 7 at www.smip.org/masstickets, though anyone who volunteers to help at a Mass gets first chance at tickets for the Mass they help with for their family members.