Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021

November is known as the Month of Giving


In November, we celebrate the feasts of All Souls and All Saints, remembering the deceased loved one and those that have gone before us to their eternal home in heaven.  St Mary’s hosts the Giving Tree collection to assist needy families allowing them to share Christmas gifts.  Families celebrate Thanksgiving each year remembering all the wonderful things that have happened to us and our family throughout the year. And many, many charities flood your mailboxes with requests for charitable donations to fund their causes.

Therefore, we are asking you to think kindly of our parish and generously remember that while we are the largest parish in the State of Illinois, we are also your Catholic family. We are greatly blessed to have many parishioners that give generously throughout the year to support keeping the lights on, paying priests and staff, etc. We also, much like our own families, have needs that should be attended to.

In January 2019, we kicked off our #wearesaintmarys Capital Campaign. We want to thank those of you that have made and fulfilled generous pledges. So far we have collected nearly $610,000, with $210,000 pledged yet to be collected over the next three years for a total of $820,000.  Unfortunately, our Capital Campaign goal was $1,702,000, as you can see we are not quite to half of the original goal pledged.

As the pandemic seems to be settling down for many of us, we wanted to take this opportunity to hopefully inspire you to join in with your fellow parishioners to contribute to this most necessary campaign, if you have not already done so.

Capital Campaign funds have already been utilized as follows:

  • Installed some of the campus recording equipment (components in place to live stream masses)
  • Repaved all parking lots and roadways on campus.
  • Upgraded our sound system (yes it still is not perfect and we are working on that continuously). 
  • Repaired the roof areas near the steeple and verified that the cross is stable
  • Installed new skylight windows in the school and Commons as part of the roofing work we so desperately needed because of age and leaks (there are still flat roof areas that need to be addressed)
  • The North Wing of the campus is being re-roofed before the snow flies because of leaks that have grown in size with our most recent rainfall.
  • Contracted to re-roof the rectory which also has sprung some major leaks this fall

Your financial assistance is still welcomed as we still have plenty of flat roof that needs repair and brickwork that needs to be fixed so that we don’t have buckets everywhere when it rains. On the projects list are also: upgrading the lighting in the church interior, upgrading HVAC systems across campus that currently use Freon, installing ADA accessible doors, additional recording equipment for overflow masses, painting the church interior, replacing the sanctuary floor, and renovating the church pews.

You can make your donations using the Capital Campaign envelopes in your packet each month, you can use online giving and set up one-time, recurring or a pledged amount directly from your credit card or bank account, or you can contact Denise Rowan at the parish office 815-436-2651 x846.  She can set up monthly or one time donations via credit card or checking account if you aren’t computer savvy. Friends, we can all pitch in as little or as much as each of us are able and together we can make a difference in our parish and, by extension, our community.