2020 SMIP Adult Mission Trip

2020 SMIP Adult Mission Trip

St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica

Chicago to Montego Bay to St. Ann’s Bay
Depart June 6—Return June 13, 2020
(College Age Adults and Adults)

Host: ISLEGO MISSIONS, www.islego.com

“Our life spreads light when given in service. The secret of joy is living to serve.” —Pope Francis

Join us to serve the poor and experience another culture. The interior of this beautiful Caribbean Island has pockets of severe poverty. This mission trip will involve work projects. So, be ready to serve, sweat, and get dirty!

The work we will be doing will include building homes, working at a community center (feeding and playing with children), and visiting the elderly in the infirmary.

By putting our faith into action, living out Christ’s command to love and serve others, we all will be spiritually renewed after participation in this trip. Together, we will be celebrating our Catholic faith.

Payment Details: Approximate trip cost is $1800. Cost includes ALL expenses (accommodations & airfare): Meals (typical Jamaican food will be prepared by native Jamaican cooks), Transportation (Air Conditioned vans to/from airport and worksites), day at Dunns River Falls, Accommodations (we will stay in a villa / townhouse—each person will have their own bed).

Payment Schedule

January 10, 2020: $100 Deposit (non-refundable deposit holds a spot for you!)
February 1, 2020: $425
March 1, 2020: $425
April 1, 2020: $425
May 1, 2020: $425

Drop off or send payments to:
SMIP Jamaica Service Trip, 15629 S. Rt. 59; Plainfield, IL 60544

Checks payable to: St. Mary Immaculate & include “Jamaica 2020” in
memo line of check.

Once we have a commitment of 6+ people, we will reserve group airfare tickets and advise of any payment differential. We will fundraise to off set individual trip costs. Also, we have a “Form Donation Letter” for anyone interested to fundraise on his or her own! Every participant is expected to earn $100 toward building a house. We have a fundraising form that will be sent to you once you have submitted a deposit.


Contact: Dr. Doug Muir, dmuir@smip.org or 815-436-5017 x889

Two men who participated last year reflect on the Jamaican Mission Trip

“For years, I had on my “to do” list to do more for others in a focused way. When the parish offered to expand its Jamaican mission trip to our adults, I signed up. As we set out on a Saturday morning last June, with all supplies in tow, I was ready to work my muscles, while being less sure of how I would do with the softer side of the mission trip. At the end, I found the musclesside progressed better than expected and the visible accomplishment was evident—a one room house for Henry, a young homeless man full of life and gentleness. Henry inspired me to appreciate the softer side of the trip. What I expected to be most diffi cult for me—interacting in a caring way with those in great need—was eye-opening, heart-warning and positive. Another awareness-enhancer for me was our team’s visit to the home of an older stroke victim (“Mr. John”) to whom we brought a “food basket” and about whom I have memories that I took home with me. Despite his hardships, Mr. John impressed me with his dignity, his welcoming spirit, his inner strength that he communicated to me with his unimpaired hand, his welcoming us with his eyes, and his smile as I was able to sit next to him for the brief time we were with him.

In other “softer side” opportunities, we visited women and men in the infirmary in St. Anne’s Bay, each in a confined environment and many abandoned by family; though in some ways a depressing situation, many of these people uplifted and inspired. The Steer Town Community Center (which previous mission trips by diff erent groups made possible and built) provides space and activity for kids still in school uniforms. Personally, I felt their kid’s enthusiasm–and their weight during “piggy back” rides in the play area.

Invaluable to our team were the two Jamaican carpenters who worked day and night with mission groups like ours, whether during the actual building or in after-work engagement with us. The relationship between us, though only for a week, had the atmosphere of friends working together toward a common goal. We also were privileged to experience mass together at Our Lady of Fatima, the local parish, its welcoming priest and lay ministers— such vibrant, friendly and respectful people. This was a mass of joy and of true participation.

Added to all of this was the opportunity to experience the Caribbean Sea and to work, laugh and pray with co-parishioners. A week in June—a week well spent.”

~ Ray

“The Mission Trip to Jamaica was an unforgettable experience. It was an honor to serve the Jamaican residents of Steertown. The experience left me with a perpetual sense to help the less fortunate people of the world. To see the Jamaicans smile (even when the individual is walking on his hands and knees), and constantly giving thanks for what little that they have is amazing
to me. The trip really made me realize as Americans, we are REALLY spoiled in many ways. I will be there again because I feel a need to help any way that I can for the betterment of our human race.”

~ Bob