Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

For rules and information related to Queen of Hearts at St. Mary Immaculate, click here!

The Queen of Hearts was revealed at the Oct. 2 drawing at Backroads Pub!!!

Yes, it was only the third drawing of the Queen of Hearts, but we are ready for the next round.  Tickets will be on sale in the Commons over the weekend and are already on sale at Backroads Pub.

Pass it on to all your friends that you don’t have to wait until the jackpot gets huge to win.  Starting this week, if you are present at Backroads for the live drawing on Wednesday evening at 7 pm, your ticket is pulled and your card is not the Queen of Hearts, you will win $200. If you are not present the prize will be $100 for any Queen beside the Queen of Hearts, $100 for any face card (Jack, King, Ace) or $25 for any other card.

The SMI Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle is selling tickets after the masses in the Commons. Drawings will take place on Wednesdays at 7pm at Backroads Pub and Grill at 13717 S. Lincoln Hwy.