We celebrate and honor St. Joseph to commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being solemnly declared Patron of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX in his decree Quemadmodum Deus. Additionally, the Holy See has proclaimed 2021 the Year of St. Joseph for the Universal Church.

Throughout the year we strive to honor St. Joseph as the guardian and protector of the Church and her faithful with heartfelt prayer and devotion, encouraging all to take his virtuous life as our model for fulfilling our personal vocation to holiness.

“We must be convinced that, in consideration of his great merits, God will not refuse St. Joseph any grace he asks for those who honor him.”

Feast Days:

March 19 – St. Joseph Solemnity
May 1 – St. Joseph the Worker

If we want to learn from St. Joseph, we must begin by imitating the virtues he practiced daily in his quiet, hidden life. The monthly themes for the Year of St. Joseph are taken from St. Joseph’s virtues and titles as prayed in the Litany of St. Joseph.

October’s Virtue to imitate is Joseph, Terror of Demons

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