The parish cemetery is located at 14176 Naperville Rd, Plainfield, IL 60544.

Cemetery Rules

  1. Artificial decorations are allowed
  2. Natural flowers must be in plastic containers, clay pots, or planted in front of the marker. They may NOT exceed the width of the marker or extend farther than 12 inches in front of the marker.
  3. Shepherd’s crooks are permitted.
  4. Glass containers are NOT permitted.
  5. Plants and decorations are NOT permitted on the sides or back of the marker.
  6. Bushes, trees, and evergreens are NOT permitted.
  7. Stones or rocks are NOT permitted on or around the grave.
  8. Outlining of the graves or markers with stripping border, metal frames, or stones is NOT permitted.
  9. Decorations are NOT allowed on or around the Columbarium.

Any questions for clarifications can be obtained from the cemetery office at 815-436-2651 ext. 860.