The Confirmation program consists of two years of preparation, generally in 7th and 8th grades. Classes happen Monday nights at 7:00 pm, coinciding with the regular school year. The Candidates receive the sacrament in the fall after completing the two years of preparation. Retreats, service opportunities, and catechetical development are provided by the Confirmation staff with the help of adult Mentors. Public School students meet with their Mentors for study and service; St. Mary’s School students receive religious instruction during school and meet with their Mentors to perform service projects.

Recognizing the importance of parents in the faith development of their children, and must attend sessions with their adolescent once a month in the Church.  Our goal is to support and inform parents so they can pass on the faith and answer their children’s questions.  Along with the commitment to attend these monthly sessions, each family must complete a prayer journal using meditations on the daily Gospel readings, perform two family service projects each year, and attend weekly Mass.

For more information on the Confirmation program, visit the Confirmation page. For information about Quinceañeras, please contact Adriana Perales in the Parish Office at 815-436-2651 x 800


Anna Taylor, Confirmation Director, 815-436-2861   ataylor@smip.org