Altar Linens

This ministry launders and cares for the linens used during mass. Volunteers pick up, launder, press and return the items to church.

See our video below for a quick tutorial of how to fold linens!


Holly Alberti, momholl69@gmail.com

Altar Servers

Open to all boys and girls from the fifth grade through high school. Servers assist the Priests and Deacons during parish liturgical services.


Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org


Art and Environment

Volunteer group who helps to enhance the worship space of the parish through decorating with flowers, symbols and banners. Members share their gifts of sewing, decorating and designing.


Rosemary Tack, 630.924.7673  rosemarytack@yahoo.com
Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org

Eucharistic Adoration

This traditional form of devotion entails spending time in prayer and adoration before Jesus in his Eucharistic Presence. Volunteers spend an hour with the Lord in the Adoration Chapel.


Connie Sanfilippo, 815.603.2350  conniesanfilippo@sbcglobal.net

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Do you love the Eucharist and want to get more involved in Mass? Consider assisting in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass. This ministry is available to any confirmed parishioner. We look to train new ministers on a quarterly basis, and will be announced. Training will be an hour and a half session to be scheduled on Sundays. Training is also provided to those who wish to distribute communion to the homebound.

Contact: Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org

First Friday Adoration

We meet the first Friday of the month in the Small Meeting room.


Pepe Ibarra, 815.483.7045


This ministry is one of welcoming. A friendly handshake, warm smile and sincere welcome are the requirements of this ministry. Greeting our parish family and guests is an essential part of being comfortable and community.


Mary Kay Bollacker, 815.733.6465
Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org


Proclaim the Word of God at Sunday Masses and special holidays.
Training will be conducted at least twice a year over the course of two sessions.


Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org

Mass Coordinators

It is the responsibility of each coordinator to oversee the orderly flow of each liturgy and be there to answer questions and coordinate ministers. Members of this ministry are selected from seasoned Extraordinary Ministers or Lectors. To be considered as a Mass Coordinator, one must be an EM or Lector for a specific period of time.


Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org

Music Ministry

St. Mary Immaculate offers a wide range of opportunities for parishioners to share their musical talent and interests. Scroll down below to see a Full Listing of the various Music Ministry groups.


Terry Henderson, Music Director, 815.436.2651 x850  thenderson@smip.org
Carmelo Valles, Hispanic Music Ministry  cvalles15@gmail.com 

Choirs at St. Mary’s

Adult Choir 
Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm except during the summer months. The Choir is open to all people high school age and older, and usually sings at the 9:00 am Mass from September through Pentecost. No audition, just a desire to sing praise!

Youth Choir 
The Youth Choir sings at the 10:45 am Mass on Sunday (usually twice per month), and at all of the First Holy Eucharist Masses in the spring. St. Mary Immaculate Youth Choir is a group of boys and girls from 3rd to 8th grade. The group is composed of students from various local schools, including our Parish school, local public schools, and home schooled students. The season generally runs from Labor Day through Pentecost. Rehearsals are Tuesdays, 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm.  No audition, just a desire to sing praise!

An audition is necessary and the ability to read music is very desirable for those interested in this ministry. Training is provided to encourage growth and development. Cantors are scheduled on rotation according to availability.

Contemporary Vocalists and Instrumentalists 
Contemporary Vocalists and Instrumentalists are desired, especially for the 6:00 pm Sunday Liturgy. We have several existing ensembles (Amplify, TGIF, Celebration, Joyful Noise) that may have openings for vocalists or instrumentalists. You may audition on an individual basis to fill possible openings or you may audition as a group.

“The Incorruptibles” Teen Contemporary Group
Open to all teens! This group leads song at the Contemporary Mass approximately once a month. They also sing for Confirmation Program Masses.  If you sing or play an instrument, this teen group may be for you! Rehearsals are the Thursday evening and Saturday morning prior to their scheduled Mass. 

Resurrection Choir 
Open to all who can be available to lead song at Funeral Masses, which occur during the day. This is an important ministry that is wonderfully supportive to the bereaved, and does not require the ability to read music. Rehearsals are 45 minutes prior to each funeral.  No audition required.

Handbell Choir 
Open to all and no audition is required. Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. The handbells play at Masses periodically during the year, also Christmas, Easter and other feasts.

Instrumentalists are needed to enhance Masses and special celebrations as needed. String, woodwind, brass & percussion as well as piano/organ are all desired, with varying degrees of expertise, junior high to professional level. 

Hispanic Music Ministry

Spanish Adult Choir
The Spanish Adult Choir rehearses year round on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. You do not need to read music in order to join. The Choir leads song in rotation with the Spanish Teen Choir for the Sunday 12:15 pm and Saturday evening Spanish 5:30 pm Masses. No audition, just a desire to sing praise!

Spanish Teen Choir
The Spanish Teen Choir rehearses year round on Saturday mornings from 11:00 am until 1:00pm. Both instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome. They lead song in rotation with the Spanish Adult and Children’s Choir for the Sunday 12:15 pm and Saturday evening Spanish 5:30 pm Masses. No audition, just a desire to sing praise!

Spanish Children’s Choir
This Children’s Choir sings for special Masses and rehearses Friday evenings from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  For several weeks prior to when they sing.  All children who have a desire to sing praise to Our Lord are welcome!


Help with keeping good order during worship. Assist in taking up the collection, reserving seats when needed and handing out bulletins at the end of Mass.


Pat McKeown, 815.729.3719   nevar504@sbcglobal.net
Kelley Seifert, 815.436.2651 x810  kseifert@smip.org

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators serve a dual role. They assist the priest or deacon in helping the couples prepare for and celebrate their wedding ceremony. They also represent our parish community in welcoming and hosting the couple, their family and friends during a significant time in their lives.


Marie Reitenbach, 815.661.0156