Depending on parish facility availability, a funeral luncheon may be an option for families planning a weekday funeral Mass. Families will pay for the main meal, but desserts will be donated by parishioners, and coffee, water and lemonade will be provided by the parish. Members of the funeral luncheon ministry will help with set up, serving and clean-up.

Requests for funeral luncheons should be directed to Laura Van Ham at 815-436-2651, x887. She will verify availability for the date requested. If a luncheon is scheduled, the number of expected guests will determine the cost for the family.

The opportunities to serve within this ministry are many and varied. We need set-up and clean-up help, those willing to make phone calls from a call list and those who would like to “gift” a parish family with a dessert on an occasional basis by placing their name on our call list.


Laura Van Ham, 815-436-2651 x887   lvanham@smip.org