St. Mary’s Online Giving! Convenient. Easy. Secure.

To access the Online Giving Portal, click here.

With our new Online Giving Portal, your donations can be made automatically from your checking, savings, or credit card account(s) into the parish bank account. This new program offers significant improvements and greater flexibility over our previous ACH/Credit Card program. You can choose your donation dates, types and frequencies, as well as enter multiple payment methods.

When you access the online giving website the first time, you will need to create a personal account. At the SMI Online Giving home page, you can use the “Create New Account” option on top, or the “Sign up for a New Account” option on the right side. There is a “Watch Help Video” link which shows a brief tutorial on creating a new account, as well as a FAQs link and other useful information.

After you create your User ID and Password, and enter your basic contact info, you will receive a confirmation email with another link you’ll need to click to confirm your account. Once confirmed, you can enter your payment methods and make new gifts, either one-time or recurring, to our weekly, monthly, and special collections throughout the year. You can also manage your active giving and view your giving history. Again there are Help Videos available for each of these options.

If you are using our original ACH/Credit Card program through the Authorization Form in the bulletin, and you start giving in Online Giving, please call the Parish Office to discontinue your donations in the original system. Failure to do so could result in duplicate donations being processed.

Please contact the Parish Office at 815-436-2651 if you have any questions.