St Mary’s Church – Special Appeal – Painting and Pews

St Mary’s Church – Special Appeal – Painting and Pews

As part of this project Father Pat for a long time has wanted the designed dome above the altar to celebrate the miracle that happens each and every Mass when the veil of heaven opens to connect to our earthy realm during the consecration. Here is Cathy Douglass’ explanation.

The Dome:

The dominant architectural feature St. Mary Immaculate Church is the expansive dome encompassing the entire altar area. SMIP’s dome is intended to give us a glimpse of the glory of Paradise, the aim of our journey as pilgrim Christians. Today, the uniform color of the dome inhibits the strength of its features and liturgical significance from being fully realized. To remedy this and help our dome reach the zenith of its objective as an architectural feature and an important motif with connections to the liturgy a new color scheme has been selected.

The color choice for the SMIP dome is a bright medium blue with green undertones The color is intended to reflect the supernatural light of God emanating through the oculus from an unseen heaven. In addition, the element of eight-pointed gold stars painted in a gradient grid pattern symbolize the presence of the angels worshiping God in the sacrifice of the Mass. In the Old Testament and New Testament, you will find stars were used to symbolize the presence of angels. From these roots the tradition, through the centuries, of the use of stars as proxies for angels rose and continues in Liturgical Art today. Biblically the number eight in the Old Testament and the new Testament points to fullness and completion. For example: God created the world in seven days and on the eighth day God walked with man in union in the Garden establishing divine order, Genesis tells us only eight people were saved from the flood, Jesus was presented to the temple on the eighth day after his nativity, there are eight days from the time Jesus enters Jerusalem to his resurrection on Easter Sunday, and Jesus appears eight times between the Resurrection and his Ascension. The number eight also signifies a new beginning or rebirth hence a Baptismal Font has eight sides. The eight points on the stars symbolize the full unification with God the heavenly angels experience. The well-ordered sky reflects the well-ordered nature of angelic beings, and the well-ordered nature of God reflected in creation and as proclaimed in our Creed, “…Creator of all that is seen and unseen”. The outer and inner rim of the dome will be painted a beautiful metallic gold. Our Catholic tradition associates the color gold, gold gilding, gold liturgical objects as belonging to God. The under side of the dome rime and oculus rim will be a painted gold color as a visual relief to the metallic gold of the rim.

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KC Kicker 5K

Join us for the Knights of Columbus / SMIP KC Kicker 5K / Kids 2K Fitness Run / Walk event on April 20, 2024.  This community event at the school campus and surrounding neighborhood will benefit the students of St. Mary Immaculate School. The Kids 2K event will begin at 7:30 A.M. with the 5K event following at 8:00 A.M.  Event participants will receive a T-shirt with post-race music, food and fellowship for all.

Contact Tom Brady, tbrady7202@aol.com, 815-370-0850 with questions.

Sign up at: raceroster.com/events/2024/82880/kc-kicker-runwalk