New Mass Schedule

New Mass Schedule

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During these crazy days of pandemic, I’ve prayed very often for wisdom, much as good King Solomon did in his day.  These are unprecedented things that we are having to discern; there is no roadmap on how to handle them, so everyone is doing the best they can.  That’s important to remember when we get impatient with how things are going.  There is a balance between moving forward so that society can function and keeping people well, and sometimes the line between those two things is a little fuzzy.

Many have asked about us having more Masses, and that’s reasonable.  However, some things have hindered us moving forward, which I had hoped to do a month ago.  We had some staff people with potential exposure to the disease, so we had to slow down a bit.  And we have also had rather tepid participation in the Masses we do have, which is puzzling.  They typically “sell out” with 100 people making reservations, then of those that do, only 50-80% show up.  We have told people to stay home if they’re sick, so that would explain some of it, but not 20-50%.

All that being said, we are prepared and will be moving forward with a new schedule, beginning Saturday, August 1.  This is the new weekend schedule:



Confessions (until all have been heard).  Come at 2:30 and do not wait until later, or we may miss you!  Confessions take place in the Commons.


Vigil Mass in the parking lot.  No reservation required.  Livestream available or listen on 107.7 FM in the parking lot.  Communion will be brought to you in the car, weather permitting.



English Mass in church.  Reservation required.


English Mass in church.  Reservation required.  Livestream available.


Spanish Mass in church.  Reservation required.  Livestream available.


Polish Mass in church.  Reservation required.

First Holy Communion will take place on August 8, 9, and 15.  Information will be sent to families soon, and registration will be taken through our Religious Education Office.  Also, our parish school, religious education and Confirmation programs have submitted re-opening plans to the Diocese of Joliet, and we will have more information for you once those have been approved.  Please keep everyone in prayer about all of this!

Yours in Christ and His Blessed Mother,
Father Pat Mulcahy, Pastor

In-Person Masses Returning!

We have good news! We are able to begin slowly reopening our parish for in-person worship. We have already been celebrating reconciliation, and just June 7th, we had a trial reopening of the church for Mass with our parish leadership. Now we are ready to roll that out to the whole parish.

Watch this video from Father Pat (and staff) to learn the new process of Mass and what to do to reserve your tickets to attend!

Get your tickets for english Masses here: www.smip.org/sundaymasstickets

Get tickets for Spanish Mass here: www.smip.org/boletos

The Sacrament of Penance

Saint Mary Immaculate has gained approval from the diocese to be open for the Sacrament of Penance on Saturdays at 3:00pm until all are heard.

Please note that we are expecting a large number of people, so if you experience that, please come back at a later time.

When you come, your cooperation with the following is necessary and appreciated:

  1. IF YOU ARE SICK (WITH ANYTHING), DO NOT COME TO CHURCH. We understand you want the sacraments, but staying home when you are sick is an act of charity.

    a. If you have a fever, stay home.
    b. If you have traveled in the last 14 days, stay home.
    c. If you have a cough, or any shortness of breath, stay home.
  2. Before you come, please wash your hands thoroughly. You will be asked to use hand sanitizer when you enter the building.
  3. You must wear a covering over your mouth and nose (a mask or bandana) when you are on the church campus (inside or outside of the building). This is not optional; those without a face covering will not be admitted to the building. If you need a face covering, please let us know and we will try to get one for you.
  4. Confessions will take place in the Commons. Please line up outside the building. There are marks on the sidewalk every six feet; please use those to maintain social distance. No one will be permitted to wait inside the building.
  5. If you have issues walking or standing in line, please let one of our staff know and we will address your needs if at all possible.
  6. Please understand there may be staff in the parking lot directing traffic. Please follow their instructions for safe arrival and departure. Also be extra careful leaving the parking lot as we anticipate many persons arriving and departing throughout each session.
  7. Confessions will be done behind a screen. Face-to-face confessions will not be available at this time.
  8. After you have made your confession, please leave the Commons so that we can admit the next person. Please do not linger on the parish grounds. Remember that we still need to maintain social distance so that all may remain well. This is not yet the time for a social gathering. We are praying for that opportunity soon.
  9. We are expecting many penitents, so in consideration of others, we cannot offer spiritual direction or counseling during these times. Please make a good examination of conscience before you arrive and plan to be as expedient as is possible so that others may also be heard. We want to be able to provide the Sacrament of Penance for as many as possible, so we appreciate your cooperation.
  10. You are asked to say your Act of Contrition either before or after, and not during your confession. You can find the Act of Contrition at https://smip.org/online-chapel/prayers/act-of-contrition/
  11. If you are able to support the parish during this time, there will be a box in the Commons for you to make your contribution. You are also able to drop contributions in the drop box outside the Commons at any time, or mail them in, or contribute online through our website. THANK YOU for your support during this difficult time.

THANK YOU for your cooperation. We know it’s difficult having to adhere to all of these guidelines, but it’s more difficult to go without the sacraments, as you have no doubt experienced. Let’s work together so that we can have everyone experience the remedies of Holy Mother Church to the extent that we are able, while still helping everyone to remain well. Please know of our continued prayers for everyone at this time.

SMIP Sacramental Reopening Volunteer Form

As we approach reopening our parish, we will need help from some very special people in a variety of roles, all of which will need to be trained on the new procedures we will need to follow to allow us to eventually fully reopen. If you would like to volunteer, please follow this link and fill out the form: