St Mary’s Church – Special Appeal – Painting and Pews

St Mary’s Church – Special Appeal – Painting and Pews

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We would like to introduce you to our very gifted, artistic painting designer, Cathy Douglass. We have been working with her for many months and have put together a beautifully designed interior that will be accomplished this summer. We have moved well past the idea of just basic repainting to a beautiful design that draws us closer to the splendor of the eternal kingdom. With that in mind, we have asked Cathy to present you with a glimpse of the thought processes that went into what you will see when the painting is complete this August.

THE GOAL OF THE ARCHETECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN OF A CATHOLIC CHURCH IS TO TRANSMIT A VISION OF HEAVEN ON EARTH. Central to this goal is the transmission of the theological truths taking place during the Liturgy: the divine presence of God in the Word and Eucharist, the movement of the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Communion of Saints, the opening of heaven to meet earth in the transubstantiation of the bread and wine, and a foreshadowing of paradise. Interior church design aims to transport the minds and hearts of parishioners out of the natural world of our day to day life to contemplate eternity in paradise, praising and worshipping God. With this in mind, the goal of the St. Mary Immaculate Parish church interior renewal is the highest level of artistic expression of the good, the true, and the beautiful for the glorification of God while respecting the modern aesthetic of the dramatic architecture of the church.

The proposed design amplifies the significance of the architectural elements present by infusing these elements with deeper theological and catechetical meaning through the thoughtful use of color, ornamentation, and text. The plan for the dome, reredos, and text designs for the sanctuary walls are intended to be interdependent scheme that joyfully communicates three objective truths: the perpetual presence of Jesus Christ reposed in the tabernacle, the centrality of the altar of sacrifice in the liturgy, and the mission of baptized Catholics to live in imitation of the saints, sent forth from the Mass to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord.

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