The First SMI Blog Post of Many

The First SMI Blog Post of Many

Welcome to the first addition of the SMI Blog! St. Mary Immaculate Parish is always looking to provide our parishioners with great resources and content to help them on their spiritual journey.

Admittedly, this is going to be more difficult of a task than previously expected. It seems as if we drown ourselves in information; infiltrated everyday with a barrage of news and media. Why add to it? Haven’t we had enough?

In some sense, yes. Oftentimes, we catch ourselves reading a blog or article and think, “What does this have to do with me?” or “Why do I need to know about this?” Maybe for you, this is that moment!

But this blog hopes to provide parishioners with a look at the life of the parish. So many conversations, stories, life events, and prayers happen here every day. We will provide information that may not be readily explained and can often be taken for granted. And furthermore, we hope to provide you with some knowledge about the Catholic faith.

This will not be a place of spiritual reflection. Visit Fr. Pat’s blog for more on this. The SMI Blog will aid the spirituality of living life in a parish. It will touch on more practicalities of living one’s faith.

Ultimately, this is where the story of St. Mary Immaculate can unfold.

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